How to get rid of acne.

Hello there,

have you ever woke up one day, looked in the mirror ,and found one of these annoying pimples on your face and just wondered what are these things and why are they ruining my life ?

well,i guess you have.

so the best way to fight an enemy is by knowing them, so we will first try to understand it by discussing the following :

  • what is acne  ?
  • what are its types ?
  • what are the causes ?
  • and finally how to get rid of acne ?



What are they ?

acne is an inflammatory process that occurs as a result of the blockage of the sebeacous glnds ducts.                               what does that mean , to better understand I will have to tell you some boring information that i will try to simplify them.       your skin is one of the most organs that regenerates regularly ,during this procedure old skin cells die {keratocytes} and peel off , by the help of glands present in your skin called sebeacous glands that secretes greesy material to skin surface these dead cells are peeled off easily.

are you bored ? definitly you are. so, what really happens that leads to acne ? i will tell you right now ,                                 acne happen as a result of the following incidences:

  • increased secretion of the glands.
  • blockage of the ducts of the ducts by the dead cells.



types of acne

  • blackheads 
  • whiteheads
  • papules
  • pustules
  • nodules
  • cysts




there is a lot of things that contribute to the occurance of acne and some of them are :

  • Genetic    :  genes play a major role in the the determination of the spread and severity of the acne.
  • hormones : the most important factor in the developement of acne are androgens {the male hormones}                              whichfor the record secreted in both males and females as these hormones increases                                    secretion of sebum {the product of sebeacous glands.
  • stress       : there is still a lot of research going in this field so it not yet 100% proven but research indicates                      that anxiety and stress may be associated with increased incidence of acne.
  • diet          : although there is no difinete prove of the association of the type of food and acne, but there is                         some sort of relation between the high sugar diet and the increased incidence of acne.
  • smoking   : having the habit of smoking has been proven to increase the incidence of acne.


How to get rid of acne?

we are not to going to talk about medications as you should seek medical advice for that but I am going to share some easy tips that you can use :


  • Relax     : for me one of the most important things about it to avoid worrying about it just chill, and know that it is a natural thing to happen as long as they are simple otherwise you should seek medical advice.
  • Exercise : try to make exercise part of you daily routine, as it really helps to keep the freshness of skin, but try to avoid wearing clothes or equipement that rubs your skin.
  • keep your face clean : even if you don't have acne you should wash your face twice daily to remove any debris, dead cells, and anyextra amount of oil from your sin surface, and also try to keep your hands off your face to decrease any chance of exposure of skin to infection.
  • Moisturize : if you use any acne medications you should remember to moisturize your face regularly asmost of these lead to dryness of skin.
  • Make up : you should minimize your usage of makeup as possible , and if you use them to you should remember to wash them  at night , and if possible try to use oil free medications.



I hope we were able to help you 


Thsnks for reading.


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